The Story Behind John Oliver’s Wife Rapping ‘Doin’ It’ With LL Cool J At LaGuardia Airport

01.28.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

Late night wars” aside, it’s always fun to see talk show hosts sitting in on each other’s programs shooting the sh*t and pretending they aren’t in competition with each other. However, it’s even better when the two comedians aren’t in direct competition, which was the case on Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Fallon’s guest was John Oliver, the former Daily Show correspondent whose highly successful Last Week Tonight airs Sundays on HBO. Being that Fallon’s schedule doesn’t include weekends, it’s no wonder the two hosts got along so well.

Then again, their on-camera camaraderie probably had more to do with an amazing story Oliver told about his wife, Kate Norley, rapping all of “Doin’ It” with LL Cool J in baggage claim at LaGuardia Airport. As Oliver explained it:

“If you meet someone amazing, they can be disappointing. LL Cool J is not that. That is an amazing human being, and let me prove that to you. My wife loves LL Cool J. She saw him at baggage claim at LaGuardia, waiting for his bag like he’s a normal person, which he obviously isn’t. He’s LL Cool J… So my wife, for reasons best understood [by] her, decides to go over and speak to him. But instead of saying hello, she starts rapping the verses from ‘Doin’ It Well.’ “

Ignoring the fact that Oliver adorably got the song’s name wrong (“Doin’ It”), these are the two particular lines Norley rapped to LL Cool J to break the ice:

I’m gonna call you Big Daddy and scream your name
Matter fact I can’t wait for your candy rain

Any normal human being waiting for baggage claim at LaGuardia would either be confused, calling for security or both. Yet as Oliver insisted, the rapper “obviously isn’t” a “normal person.” He’s “an amazing human being.”

“To his credit, Jimmy, he does not say ‘What?’ or ‘Who the f*ck are you?’ He also doesn’t take the first bag, say ‘this is mine’ and make an understandable fast exit. He doesn’t miss a beat. He joins straight in… They do the whole song together.”

So, yeah. According to Oliver, his wife — an Iraq War veteran and veterans’ rights activist he met at the 2008 Republican Convention — and LL Cool J rapped the entirety of “Doin’ It” at LaGuardia Aiport’s baggage claim. That happened.

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