John Oliver’s ‘Last Week Tonight’ Report On Ferguson Is Must-See TV

08.18.14 4 years ago 82 Comments

The Daily Show and The Colbert Report have been on hiatus, so it was up to Last Week Tonight‘s John Oliver to try to make sense of what the hell is happening in Ferguson, Missouri, right now.

Well, he couldn’t, because it makes no f*cking sense, but Oliver gave it his best shot by succinctly rounding up everything that’s happened since the first of six bullets struck Michael Brown. There’s a lot to get into it — “the Hispanic,” Family Dollar camouflage, the militarization of the police, two stoner bros saying “duddddeeeee” when they see the vehicle their local law enforcement drives around in, etc. — but be sure to stick around for Oliver singing parodying a song called “Die, Motherf*cker, Die.”

It’s a great moment in a GREAT segment.

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