John Stamos Celebrated His 52nd Birthday By Taking Off His Pants On Instagram


The annual John Stamos anticipatory birthday celebrations have been roaring for a few weeks with no shortage of steam. Stamos’ Fuller House cast mates threw him an early-August, poolside rager, which isn’t surprising after seeing all the pure joy and every bittersweet tear that has been shed on set. Soon, John will not only grace our screens as Uncle Jesse again, but he will also play a grandfather on Fox’s Tuesday night lineup. Have mercy, indeed.

Today is the big 52, so Stamos celebrated by taking his pants off for the whole of Instagram. Arguably, he may have been putting his pants on, but let’s not destroy the dream. This is Stamos’ gift to the internet on his own birthday. In less than one minute, his commenters lost their minds over the “gold-skinned God crafted masterpiece” before them.

In a more G-rated light, Lori Loughlin posted this photo of herself with Stamos and a bouquet of roses.


Stamos recently posted some introspective self-portraits, which perhaps reflect a meditation upon life itself as one reaches the end of summer and a new year in life.

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Not ready to give summer up yet. #fuckit

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Hair Check.

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Stamos cannot be tamed for long, however. Here’s his “dirty boy” beach attire.