John Stamos ‘Calls Bullsh*t’ On The Olsen Twins Saying They Didn’t Know About The ‘Full House’ Reboot

Getty Image

In what can safely be described as the most interesting news — by miles and miles and miles — to come out of the new Netflix Full House reboot/reunion/continuation/??? show, John Stamos has now called out Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen for being liars. For reference, last week the Olsens told noted Hollywood trade publication Women’s Wear Daily that they “just found out” about the show and were “shocked” they hadn’t heard from Stamos, who is on board as a producer on the new series.

Cut to last night, 11:19 p.m. Pacific time.

We now have an official Full House cast feud, people. One with John Stamos publicly “calling bullsh*t” on multimillionaire twins who played babies on the show. This is wonderful. Is it as wonderful as the image at the top of this post, which I found by doing a Getty image search for “John Stamos” and sorting from oldest to newest, something I highly recommend if you have the time and resources? Well, no. How could it be? Look at him up there, with his rock star hair and black jeans, sitting sidesaddle on a parked motorcycle. Very few things can top that.

But this is a start.