Candace Cameron Bure Openly Wept At John Stamos’ Beauty On The ‘Fuller House’ Set

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The internet harbors a ridiculous amount of anticipation for Fuller House, the Full House reboot coming on Netflix. John Stamos once again takes center stage as Uncle Jesse’s hair. His fellow cast members recently threw him a 51st birthday party, which only added to the goodwill we’ve seen on the reboot’s set (both the wholesome and scary ones).

The whole cast is grateful to be back in business for this not-at-all depressing return to grandeur. Well, all except for those wayward Olsen twins, which Stamos claims to dearly miss (even though he tried to have those babies fired). One of the most rabid Stamos worshipers happens to be Candace Cameron Bure, who takes up her former role as DJ Tanner. In a new interview with Hollywood Reporter, Candace admits she was overwhelmed at the sight of Stamos on stage again:

“I can’t believe we’re back here. It was just emotional and overwhelming and beautiful. I cried once I saw [John Stamos] on the stage. It just got more and more surreal, and it was like I can’t believe we’re back here. It was just emotional and overwhelming and beautiful. We’re all just looking at each other going I can’t believe … It’s like weird that we’re back together, and we’re doing this again.”

Hey, a lot of women would cry at the sight of Stamos but for different reasons than Cameron describes. This show had better deliver some shirtless Uncle Jesse playing the congas is all I’m saying. Incidentally, Stamos will soon be seen playing a grandfather in a new FOX series that airs on September 29. Have merrrrrcy.

As of 2012, Stamos could still play the congas like no other. Video evidence, please.

(Via Hollywood Reporter]

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