John Stamos Celebrates The Beginning Of ‘Fuller House’ By Sharing The End Of ‘Full House’

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John Stamos has been in a sharing mood ever since the announcement of Fuller House on Jimmy Kimmel Live last year. And with the show returning on Netflix Friday, Stamos ramped up his nostalgic tour a bit by giving fans a glimpse at the very final Full House taping and cast hug.

It’s a touching moment for fans and a nice window to the past for people who aren’t, sort of like a warning at what not to do with your hair in years to come. The entire cast is involved, from the kids being introduced first above — along with Lori Loughlin, who cannot be mistaken for a child.

Then the big guns come out for video two, including Stamos nearly outrageous hair. Like, we get it pal. Put it in a bun and be done with it. Missing seems to be Comet the Dog, likely too big from all the fame he attained from Fluke and the Air Bud series. Primadonna.

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