Samantha Bee Tries To Make Sense Of The 2016 Primary With A Little Help From Jon Stewart

Samantha Bee returned to Full Frontal following the Memorial Day break and she brought a little starpower to help make a little sense of the current presidential race. That’s right, Jon Stewart and a small horse stopped by to give a little boost to Bee’s confidence. It must’ve worked because she went right out and dove headfirst into the yearlong sideshow that was the Republican presidential primary.

As we already know and as Bee points out, we ended up with our Democrat candidates for obvious reasons. The Republicans didn’t come as easy and didn’t really heat up until one man took a high profile escalator ride around one year ago. Back then, Jeb Bush was the go to candidate for the nomination and all seemed to be right with the world. Then jumped joined in, started calling people names, challenging Barbara Bush to a debate, and turning the entire thing upside down.

The best part is how George Stephanopoulos and company were laughing about a Trump candidacy when he first announced, echoing what everybody else was saying at the time. Nobody seems to be laughing now, though. Or they are, but they’re also angry and stuff for some reason.

Not mentioned here is anything negative about the other side of the presidential race. There’s plenty if Full Frontal wanted to cover it, but Trump certainly does grab those headlines. I mean look at us!

(Via Full Frontal)