After ‘American Crime Story,’ John Travolta Can’t Wait To Do Another TV Show

One of the greatest merits of the American Crime Story limited series has been the performances, and their thrilling diversity of tones. There’s Good Acting (Sarah Paulson), Fun Good Acting (Courtney B. Vance), Intense Good Acting (Sterling Brown), Juice Acting (David Schwimmer), Sports-Metaphor Acting (Cuba Gooding, Jr.), and then there’s whatever John Travolta has been doing. As thick-browed lawyer Robert Shapiro, Travolta sometimes appears to be performing in an entirely different TV show from the rest of the cast, and while it hasn’t always made sense to the human beings watching at home, it’s been a hell of a lot of fun to watch. And apparently, Travolta himself feels similarly, judging from some intriguing comments he made during a recent interview with TV Insider.

They asked Travolta, a usual face on the silver screen, if he had any intentions to pursue further work in TV now that American Crime Story has just about wrapped up, with the finale due next week. Travolta gave an unequivocally positive response of “yes!” adding, “Especially  with a team like Ryan [Murphy], Nina [Jacobson] and Brad [Simpson]… They’re so unique in their vision and the talent they surround themselves with and FX allows them to be the talents that they are. I wouldn’t say arbitrarily that I’m ready to go do any TV, but I’m ready to do their TV.”

It’s not tough to see why Travolta would be devoted to Murphy after the past season of American Crime Story; the show’s the most popular, respected production that Travolta has appeared in for a long damn time. His experiences in the wilds of TV have taught Travolta a lesson that dozens of low-budget movie projects evidently had not, that attaching yourself to a good script will most likely turn out pretty well. Most actors consider transitioning from film to TV work a step down, but if that’s where Travolta is still valued enough to receive offers on buzzy shows with strong writing, then he doesn’t care either way.

(Via TV Insider)

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