Johnny Depp Opens Up About His Daughter’s Illness And ‘The Gift’ Of Visiting Children’s Hospitals

Johnny Depp is one of many celebrities who make time to visit and put a smile on the face of sick children around the globe. It’s something Depp recently did in Australia and he opened up about why during his recent stop to The Graham Norton Show, noting that his own daughter’s illness had a big effect on his motivations for doing it.

While being by his daughter’s side while filming Sweeney Todd, Depp experienced what he called his “darkest time.” It put his visits into perspective and he says that it “means everything in the world” to bring a smile to the faces of the children and their parents.

Elsewhere on the show, things got a little more lighthearted with his Black Mass co-star Benedict Cumberbatch. Norton decided to go back to the well and bring up Cumberbatch’s relationship with otters and it led to the trio posing for some photos and copying otter poses. There was kissing and tongue wagging and even a giant teddy bear that ended up being taken out by a Cumberbatch swan dive. Depp helped out a bit, but he was limited due to the drink in his hand. Bear was asking for it, though.

(Via Graham Norton)