‘Jeopardy!’ Had Longtime Announcer Johnny Gilbert ‘Sings The Hits’ And The Results Were Hilarious

02.22.14 4 years ago 5 Comments

This comes from the final game of the 2014 Jeopardy! College Championships (the unintentionally hilarious championships) and gives Johnny Gilbert, the longtime voice of the show and about three dozen others as well, a chance to show off his love of popular music and his soothing singing voice. And just look at how happy he is!

Johnny Gilbert Jeopardy Sings


I’d also like to raise questions as to why no one has brought charges against the soothsayer Alex Trebek. Not only is it clear from his chiseled looks at such an advanced age that he is dealing with the black arts, but he full on predicted people would be “buzzing” over this clip. And look at us. Sharing like a bunch of girls.

We should round him up and have him on the first shuttle to the secret Google FEMA barge in California. Powers like his are not to be wasted and at the very least, he could play Doctor Strange.

(Via Chad Mosher / Jeopardy)

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