RIP: In Bizarre Double Death, ‘Sons Of Anarchy’s’ Half Sack Dies In Real Life

There is some seriously weird sh*t going on with story, as Johnny Lewis — the actor who played Half Sack in Sons of Anarchy and Dennis ‘Chili’ Childress in The O.C. — was found dead yesterday. That’s the sad part of the story. Here’s the bizarre part:

He was found in the driveway of a 70-year-old woman’s house. Inside, that elderly woman was also dead, apparently from a homicide committed by Johnny Lewis, according to TMZ.

According to multiple reports, neighbors heard the 70-year-old woman screaming … and then saw a young man outside her home attack 2 other people with a piece of wood … before he climbed onto the roof.

It’s unclear if the young man, now identified as Lewis, jumped or fell from the roof to his death. Lewis was renting a room from the 70-year-old homeowner.

The woman’s cause of death was major head trauma, while Lewis had fallen from a stairway, a balcony, or a roof, according to ABC News.

Oh, Half Sack. Dude. That is not the way to go out. There is no honor in killing an old lady. What happened to you over the last three years that led you to living in a boarding house of a 70-year-old woman, and then drove you to kill her? You were so good, and so likable in Sons of Anarchy.

That’s a shame. A real goddamn shame. Hopefully, someone else besides Warming Glow will recognize him for his brilliant work in Sons of Anarchy instead of as the former boyfriend of Katy Perry. He really was the best Prospect.

“He had half a sack, but a sh*t load of balls.”

Rest in Peace, Johnny Lewis.