Jon Glaser Thinks He Could Have Single-Handedly Stopped Donald Trump’s Candidacy

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Comedian Jon Glaser spared no expense while promoting his new show, Jon Glaser Loves Gear, on Wednesday’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Decked out in more REI and The North Face equipment than most people own, he and Colbert discussed his appreciation for all things gear and what the new program had in store for audiences. Like all things this election season, however, their conversation ultimately dovetailed when Glaser brought up a past encounter with “one of the biggest a**holes in the world” — Donald Trump.

Glaser and fellow comic actor Will Arnett were heading to their “really incredible seats where a lot of wealthy, famous people sit” at a New York Rangers game when the Trump encounter occurred. The real estate mogul was seated in the same row, and in order for Glaser and Arnett to get to their seats, Trump had to stand up to let the two men pass by:

“You can see on his face, which is already miserable, that he just cannot believe he has to stand for another human being. He’s just so miserable and as we’re approaching I realize, ‘Oh he’s not only standing for us, [but] he’s holding this little, tiny, soft-serve ice cream cone.’ And he was holding it in such a non-normal way… He held it up here, right in front of his face with this terrible look on his face. I’m passing this close and as I’m approaching him, every comedy instinct in me is telling me, ‘Pretend to trip and just throw the full weight of your body into him, and shove that ice cream into his face!'”

Colbert’s audience laughed along with Glaser’s bit, but as the talk show host pointed out, this happened three years ago — before Trump publicly announced his presidential campaign. Glaser acknowledged this, saying the event has “haunted” him ever since. “Had I done that, I’m truly convinced he would have dropped out of society,” he joked, adding: “He doesn’t run for president.”

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