Jon Hamm Acted Out His Best ‘Mad Men’ Scene With Amy Sedaris As Peggy

Jon Hamm was on Watch What Happens Live last night, and as evidenced by the banner image, he looked horrified, probably because he was on Watch What Happens Live. We all could do without Andy Cohen’s yappy-dog eagerness, but it might interest you to know that not only was Hamm there, so was Amy Sedaris, and together, they performed a monologue from the classic Mad Men episode, “The Suitcase.” Sedaris played Peggy Olson as her Strangers with Candy character Jerri Blank, quite possibly the only woman (beside Neve Campbell) Don wouldn’t sleep with.

Speaking of: that clip isn’t embeddable (you can see it here), but you can watch Hamm discuss what it’s like to film a sexy sex scene. The term “flesh-colored bikini thing” is used.

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