Jon Hamm Really Loves Larry David In The New ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Season 10 Trailer

Whether or not you liked the Curb Your Enthusiasm “revival” with its ninth season on HBO, the network’s decision to renew the comedy classic for a 10th season wasn’t all that surprising. Now, it’s almost here, and after teasing audiences with an unfathomably enjoyable video of star and creator Larry David impatiently looking at a toaster, the first honest-to-goodness trailer for season 10 has arrived. It’s chock-full of all kinds of goodies, including some hugely promising cameos and a few new, highly repeatable one-liners. Also, Jon Hamm.

The Mad Men alum and star of recent television and film offerings like Amazon’s Good Omens and Clint Eastwood’s controversial Richard Jewell is making an appearance in at least one episode of Curb‘s new season. And while the trailer does absolutely nothing to explain who he’s playing or why he’s there, it’s evident that Hamm is (1) playing a heightened version of himself who (2) really likes Larry David’s also-heightened version of himself. So much so, in fact, that when both men are kicked out of a social gathering of sorts, they relish the moment instead of devolving into David’s usual anger.

Which is fine, because Larry has plenty of other things to get irritable about. From Jeff Garlin’s attempt to gain entry to the “big Johnson community without a big Johnson,” to Jeff’s refusing to do him a favor because he’s “already got [his] sweats on,” Curb will still feature the curmudgeon we all know and love. That, and Jeff will keep haphazardly finding new ways to piss him off. Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s new season debuts Sunday, January 19 on HBO.