Jon Hamm Displays His Incredible Knowledge Of Internet Cats On @midnight

Jon Hamm doesn’t just love the Internet for gay porn, he claimed on last night’s episode of @midnight on Comedy Central. Like so many people on the web, the Mad Men star loves cats because they’re the best “snuggle buddy,” and the Internet simply offers us every kind of cat imaginable. Proving that he is, as always, one of the most charming men in the world, Hamm went on to profess his love for the Bodega Cats Tumblr account, while quizzing guests Nikki Glaser, John Mulaney and Judah Friedlander about which of the site’s images is the most popular.

The correct answer? Jon Hamm is really handsome. I mean, wait – what was the question? Cats that look like Jon Hamm? Sure, I’d follow that Tumblr account.