Jon Hamm Finally Addresses the Sharon Tate/Megan Draper Theory On ‘Mad Men’

OK, I’m willing to let it go now if y’all are willing to let it go (Disclaimer: Not an actual guarantee). After all, Matthew Weiner has dismissed the Sharon Tate theory, Jessica Pare has dismissed it, and here are 15 connections between Sharon Tate and Megan Draper that illustrate that it won’t happen because it’s TOO obvious, and because we’ve been on about it for a year, so there’s no way Weiner is going to go there, right?

Well, what does Jon Hamm think?

The folks over at Vulture caught up with Hamm, and it’s a testament to the pervasiveness of this theory that, given a few seconds to talk with him at a party, they didn’t ask, “Hey! Where’s Betty?” or “Are you and Peggy gonna hook up?” or even about the D.B. Cooper theory everyone is on about now, they wanted to know his thoughts on the Sharon Tate connection.

“I don’t give very much credence to it,” said Hamm. “Although, certainly it was on people’s minds in the world of the show. It’s an interesting theory, but I don’t know how much validity there is to it. But it’s a great compliment that people are thinking that deeply about the show.”

He doesn’t give very much credence to it. See? Case closed, right? Sure. Yes! Maybe. I mean, remember when Christin Milioti said that the theory about the mother dying in How I Met Your Mother was “insane”? Well, she didn’t say it wasn’t true, just that it was “insane.” And Hamm is not saying it’s not true, just that he doesn’t give “very much credence to it” and that it is “interesting.” And remember when Damon Lindelof specifically said that Lost wouldn’t end in purgatory?

All I’m saying it, you can’t believe everything every actor says, especially when you don’t WANT to believe it.

Source: Vulture