Watch Jon Hamm And Jimmy Fallon Photobomb Unsuspecting Tourists On Top Of Rockefeller Center

It isn’t possible to have enough Jon Hamm in your day, especially on his birthday. We covered where you might’ve seen Hamm prior to Mad Men a little earlier, but did you know you might find him invading your family vacation photos? Neither did these visitors to Rockefeller Center.

Jimmy Fallon invited Hamm to take part in “Celebrity Photobomb” and the duo ran with the concept, chowing on hoagies and acting foolish behind unsuspecting families at the Top Of The Rock. The segment adds to the Hamm mystique and continues Fallon’s hot streak on The Tonight Show, even if many would say he’s using a lot of crutches.

No matter what you think, it’s a damn entertaining segment. I’m just upset these folks had a better NBC experience than I did. The NBC tour is not the magical experience they advertise it to be, but I did get a “Tracy Jordan Meat Machine” shirt for my trouble.

(Via The Tonight Show)