Jon Hamm Showed Off His Manly New Power Beard On Jimmy Kimmel Live Last Night

09.26.13 5 Comments

When you’re a man who possesses the, ugh, assets that Mad Men star Jon Hamm possesses, there’s not really much lacking in the way of manly physical attributes. Handsome, chiseled face…check. Disruptive, massive dong…check. Glorious head of raven-black hair…check. Broad shoulders…check. Sultry voice…check.

So what does the Hamm-bone go and do? He grows a power beard — probably in like two days — that would make even Nick Offerman envious, and somehow sprouted a polyp on his throat that adds a layer of raspiness to his already legendary voice.

Sigh. Watch Hamm’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel and feel inadequate as a man.

Here’s part one…

And here’s part two…

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