Jon Hamm Brought ‘Pizzaz’ To The ‘SNL’ Impeachment Soap Opera Cold Open

Impeachment was once again the topic of Saturday Night Live‘s cold open, as Saturday’s Harry Styles-hosted episode hit airwaves after public testimony in President Donald Trump’s impeachment inquiry began earlier in the week. As the introduction said, some people thought the hearings were “dull,” “lacking pizzazz,” and were “not The Masked Singer.” So, the show retold the hearings in a style that would likely be on televisions that time of day anyway: a soap opera.

In Impeachment Days Of Our Impeachment, all your favorite characters from the impeachment hearings were back with a bit drama. Kind of. Adam Schiff was there, though still boring, and an angry Jim Jordan was the “cross-examiner with a mysterious brain injury.” The big star of the sketch was Jon Hamm, owner of a handsome face and more comedic chops than the also-handsome but more musically-inclined Styles. Hamm stepped up for the sketch, in which he played Bill Taylor, the U.S. ambassador to the Ukraine.

The sketch wanted to underscore “how scandalous these revelations are.” It’s an interesting concept for a sketch, but it also did what SNL often reverts to these days: just having things pop up that happened throughout the week. Which is probably why Kenan Thompson showed up as Cleveland Browns defender Myles Garrett, who was suspended for the season after an on-field fight Thursday night.

One thing that definitely didn’t happen, though, was Hamm’s Taylor having a steamy makeout session with “telenovela sensation” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez while giving testimony.