Jon Hamm Still Quite Handsome, Might Be A Filthy Liar

Jon Hamm was on Letterman last night, and he was his typical handsome, affable self, telling Dave anecdotes about injuring himself on the set of “Mad Men,” and the time he tried to walk-on to the baseball team at the University of Texas, but quickly gave up after trying to catch a fastball from teammate Roger Clemens. That second story was certainly cool, but if it caused your “Wait A Second, Isn’t Roger Clemens Like Ten Years Older Than Jon Hamm?” senses to tingle, you may have been onto something. You see, Deadspin did a little research into Hamm’s story, and it turns out that he attended Texas in 1989, six years after Clemens graduated. This means one of two things: 1) Jon Hamm may have been lying, or 2) Roger Clemens can throw a baseball so fast that it can travel six years into the future. If the latter is true, Brian McNamee might want to think about wearing a helmet for most of 2013.

Perhaps this is because I love Jon Hamm and think he’s great on “Mad Men” and feel like we’d be friends if he would JUST ANSWER MY LETTERS, but I still want to give him the benefit of the doubt. When Hamm starts telling the story, Letterman interrupts to clarify by saying “When you were a freshman, he was a senior?”, and he stammers a little before replying “Sure.” So MAYBE what happened was that Roger Clemens came back to practice with his alma mater one day, and Jon Hamm ended up catching for him while he was getting in a little work off the mound, and when Letterman asked him about it, Hamm either didn’t remember the specifics or didn’t feel like getting into them in the middle of his story. That could have happened, right? RIGHT? SAY IT AIN’T SO, JON.

[clears throat]

If he is lying, I think it’s important that we direct the blame at the real guilty party here: Betty Draper. F-ck her.

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