Jon Huntsman’s Super Cute Daughters Will Unite Us All

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01.10.12 69 Comments

I know you folks get bent out of shape whenever we bring up politics, but today is the New Hampshire primary. And this isn’t about politics, anyway. It’s about something much, much bigger than politics. Bigger than us all, really. It’s about really attractive women. It’s about Jon Huntsman’s daughters: Mary Anne, Liddy, and Abby.
They have the power to unite us all. They are the best thing to happen to politics since the Obama Girl.
Maybe you’re not familiar with Jon Huntsman? He’s a dark-horse GOP presidential candidate. He often makes sense, which is frowned upon in certain sects of the Republican party. He was President Obama’s ambassador to China. He was recently endorsed by the Boston Globe. He’s apparently surging in New Hampshire.

But none of this matters. The best reason to vote for him is the promise that the Huntsman daughters might one day occupy the White House. They are charming, adorable, winsome, and cute. And according to an interview they did with Wolf Blitzer on CNN last night, at least two of them are available. One of them even has a dog. (They are also very, very rich, if that’s of importance to you)

If you’d like to see more of the Hunstman daughters — perhaps it will help you to inform your vote in this crucial primary election season — please enjoy this bonus slide show of the women in action.
Oh, and you’re welcome.

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