Jon Lovitz Finds a Good Use for Twitter: Taking Down Nazi-Loving Teenagers

For his work on “The Critic,” “Saturday Night Live,” “The Simpsons,” and “NewsRadio,” Jon Lovitz is already one of my ten favorite fellow Chosen People. But after what he recently accomplished via Twitter, he might now be in the top-five, between Bob Dylan and Dr. Zoidberg.

According to The Inquistir:

[Jon Lovitz] has used Twitter to bring down a trio of teenage bullies who left anti-Semitic graffiti and feces on the doorstep of their victim…The three 14 year olds drew swastikas and wrote the word ‘JEW’ in maple syrup in front of their victim’s house. Feces was left on the doorstep.

What the Canadian Nazis – I assume, what with the maple syrup loving and Jew hating — didn’t know is that the target of their sh*tty prank (heh?) was the daughter of one of Lovitz’s friends. Lovitz took to Twitter to tell what had happened, and eventually tweeted a picture of the three teens.

Feh! I haven’t been this shocked since Katz’s ran out pastrami on the same day my cousin Moishe married that shikse Shaniqua. Anyway, a few days later, Lovitz wrote: “UPDATE!!!! The three girls who vandalized my friends home with swastikas and dog crap, have been expelled from their school permanently.” They can’t be charged with a hate crime because the syrup didn’t cause any permanent damage, but their mother, who DROVE THEM TO THE HOUSE, can. Mr. Lovitz, if you release a guide on how to take down the scum of the Earth, I would, indeed, buy your book.