You-Know-Who Might Be In The Biggest Episode Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Six

The post is dark and full of spoilers.

Like many an HBO show before it, the biggest (read: most expensive) episode of Game of Thrones each season is its ninth. That’s when Ned Stark died, Stannis fought the Lannisters on Blackwater Bay, blood spilled at the Red Wedding, the Wildlings attacked the Wall, and Daenerys flew away on Drogon. Reports are already coming in for what next season’s Episode Nine might look like, and, more importantly, who’s involved. We’re in uncharted territory here, folks, so we’ll have to take Watchers on the Wall’s word when they say: “Game of Thrones is filming portions of a massive battle in Saintfield, Northern Ireland, that will likely be a part of episode nine.”

And You-Know-Who might be there.

We’ve learned that the battle will involve many northern armies fighting, including the Umbers, the Boltons, wildlings and more! The true major spoiler is this: Kit Harington, also known as Jon Snow, was also seen at the location, participating in shooting this week. (Via)

The Snow shall rise again! It’s not exactly a surprise that Jon’s back — he’s too important to the story George R.R. Martin is trying to tell, and he’s been hanging out in Ireland all offseason — but his participation in possibly the season’s biggest battle is intriguing. Especially because the Umbers, led by the fearsome Greatjon, who hasn’t been seen since season one, are involved. They’re Stark loyalists, so maybe this is the season when the Boltons get their comeuppance…?

Nah. Ramsay and Roose will probably murder another one of Ned’s (maybe) sons.

(Vanity Fair via Watchers on the Wall)

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