This Bastard Bowl Play Of The Game Shows Why Jon Snow Needs To Be Nerfed

It was high noon outside of map Winterfell during the Battle of the Bastards. The game mode was capture and defend, with Ramsay Bolton holding the point and seemingly outgunning Jon Snow and his team. But, we all know that Jon Snow has yet to be nerfed. Yes, we know winter is coming, and Blizzard hasn’t done much to make Jon Snow a fair character (it seems like you can only team kill him), but the odds were stacked against him. Bolton had his men on Overwatch.

Winterfell is a tough map to take when on offense, and while Mei wasn’t there to create The Wall, Ramsay Bolton’s veritable Reinhardt shield company was dominating Jon Snow’s ragtag group like a bunch of Torbjörns, Bastions and Zenyattas. You should never have them on offense. Never. Luckily the Knights of the Vale have good timing and knew to flank and tore through the Bolton forces like Hanzo unleashing a spirit dragon. That was key.

But even without the Vale, Jon Snow is so OP (despite lacking his special Ghost Dog) that he was able to hold the tide of battle on his own. It was nice finally seeing a play of the game that wasn’t Junkrat sending his tire into a bunch of Lyanna Mormont’s doomed soldiers. That’s really getting old.

But seriously, Jon Snow needs to be nerfed. He’s at the top of every tier list. C’mon, Blizz!