Rose Leslie Made Kit Harington Wear A Humiliating ‘Game Of Thrones’ Halloween Costume

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Kit Harington is done with Game of Thrones.

Not literally, of course (he still has another season to shoot), but he’s done with the six-month filming cycles, he’s done with slopping around in the mud and snow and cold, and he’s really done with not being able to cut his hair. Harington told his agent that when Game of Thrones is finished, he’s done with “swords” and “horses,” and that he’s looking forward to the day when he can “cut my f*cking hair.” That’s not only my favorite Pavement song, but also what makes Rose Leslie’s Halloween costume for Harington so devilish.

The recently-engaged couple, who met on the set of Thrones, attended a “bad taste” Halloween party, and when it came time to pick costumes, Leslie had the perfect one picked out for her know-nothing future husband. “She pulled out a Jon Snow costume,” Harington told Heat magazine, “and Rose just whispered in my ear, ‘I won’t love you if you don’t wear it.’ It was really embarrassing. The people bringing around canapé were looking at me, thinking, you’re sad man! You’ve come to a party dressed as your character!”

No pictures are available, but I assume it looked a little something like this.

It’s cold outside, but Jon “Sexy Northern Queen” Snow is looking hot.

(Via Heat)

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