Jon Snow’s Beloved Longclaw Isn’t Quite As Strong As We Thought It Was

There are times when Jon Snow from Game of Thrones seems to have his stuff together. Other times he really does appear to know quite literally nothing. Like riding into battle against Ramsay Bolton in a quest to retake Winterfell during the episode lovingly dubbed The Battle of the Bastards with a rubber sword. You know nothing, Jon Snow.

If you, usually a rather intrepid viewer, were like me, you absolutely missed this. Why? Because you were most likely enrapt by what was Game of Thrones‘ most involved and epic battle to date, littered with action, tense moments and somewhat-historically-accurate battle tactics. Or you were just waiting for those cherished moments with the last living giant (at least that we know of) Wun Wun. People really seem to love Wun Wun, although not as much as Hodor.

Mashable points out this strange production error that slipped through the cracks in what was the most expensive episode of GoT to date. As Jon Snow heroically mounts his steed in an attempt to ride out to save his half-brother his fabled sword, Longclaw, seems less than prepared for such an undertaking.

That’s kind of embarrassing, right? Step up your Valyrian steel game, Jon Snow. Remember this, because this will absolutely be a trivia question that you’ll encounter at some point in your life and you’ll feel really down about yourself for not knowing it.

(Via Mashable)