That Eye-Opening ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theory About Jon’s Sword Isn’t What You Think It Is

08.22.17 7 months ago 7 Comments


There have been many goofy Game of Thrones theories over the years — for example: Lady Stoneheart casually walking in the background of Brienne and Arya’s playful duel earlier this season — but this might be the goofiest.

In “Beyond the Wall,” Jon Snow is dragged underwater by wights. Fearing the worst, his traveling companions and Daenerys, now down one dragon, leave without him — eventually the Night King and his undead army do the same. There’s a moment where the episodes wants us to think Jon is dead (been there), but the King of the North emerges from the lake and grabs Longclaw.

Though not before his trusty sword… blinks?

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