Kit Harington Attended Wimbledon And Brought Speculation To A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Rumor

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07.03.15 21 Comments
Celebrities At Wimbledon 2015

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The last time we left Jon Snow, things were not going well for him. The Night’s Watch, even little Olly, took turns stabbing their leader and the season ended with Jon laying in his own blood. On most shows, that would count as a confirmed death, but this is Game of Thrones. Unless there’s a beheading or a burning, anybody can be brought back at any time. Even we weren’t so sure if that would be the last time Jon Snow would appear.

So when Kit Harington showed up to Wimbledon in the same hairstyle as his Game of Thrones character, it started up the speculation that maybe Jon Snow will be resurrected next season. Or maybe he’ll be in a flashback. Or maybe Harington likes his hair that way. No one knows for sure, but most seem to be taking this as confirmation that we’ll have more Jon next season.

Kit Harington at Wimbledon

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