Jon Stewart and Jennifer Aniston Went on a Date! (16 Years Ago)

08.20.10 9 years ago 5 Comments

It’s a slow news day, so the gossip world is abuzz at the revelation from Jennifer Aniston’s appearance on last night’s “Daily Show”: the former “Friends” star and Jon Stewart went on a date in the mid-’90s. Oh my God! Two people in the entertainment industry possibly dating?!?!? Has that ever happened before?

Aniston, of course, is promoting The Switch. Here’s the crux of FilmDrunk’s review:

If you’re kind of a yuppie and you drive a new model beige foreign sedan and have a Blackberry for your job and go to spin class and like white people stuff, you’ll probably love this movie.

Ugh, sounds terrible.

Anyway, I’ve got video of the interview embedded below, and their banter about the date makes a perfectly charming story. But then, I don’t really mind Jennifer Aniston. Don’t get me wrong: her movies blow. But I’ve got nothing against her. She seems like a very nice person. Who makes lousy movies.

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