Jon Stewart And ‘The Daily Show’ Present ’50 Fox News Lies In 6 Seconds’

Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart and company took aim at the way Fox News has reacted to his retirement announcement. Specifically, the show pulled clips of Fox News anchors saying he was “nasty” and that his coverage of national events had “no foothold in the facts.” If you read those claims and felt it was a little like the pot calling the kettle a sensationalist faux-media organization that exists solely to whoop its base into a frenzy, you were not alone, as Stewart took quite a bit of glee in tearing them apart.

The highlight of his assault was a brief clip — posted below in handy Vine format — titled “50 Fox News Lies in 6 Seconds.” That’s … that’s a lot of lies! Too many to keep track of as they fly by at a rate of over eight per second. That’s why I’ve been sitting here clicking to pause the video at random spots, mumbling “No whammies no whammies no whammies” over and over again like a contestant on Press Your Luck. Spoiler alert: They’re all whammies :(

Via HuffPo