Jon Stewart Delivered The Anthony Weiner Segment To End All Anthony Weiner Segments Last Night

09.06.13 4 years ago 12 Comments


With everyone watching Peyton Manning build an insurmountable lead against their fantasy team last night, not many people caught The Daily Show almost perfectly surmise everything about Anthony Weiner’s continued voter alienation in just under six minutes.

It. Had. Everything. A good portion under the guise of Jon Stewart attempting to explain away all of Weiner’s missteps. Highlights include fictional visits to different cultural centers in New York City, the “Danger” song in Spanish, an in-depth dissection of the Deli run-in, and — most importantly — trying to make excuses for the classiest text message ever sent to anyone ever.

I recommend watching the whole thing but if you don’t have that much time the last ten seconds sum it all up nicely. Then let’s all agree to never speak of this Weiner fellow ever again.

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