Jon Stewart Asked Viewers To Give Trevor Noah A Chance To Earn Their Respect

04.07.15 4 years ago 26 Comments

A lot has happened in the week since Trevor Noah was officially named the new host of The Daily Show. From the surprising announcement, to the unfortunate witch hunt into his Twitter history and ensuing butt hurt think pieces or those coming to his defense — and even Comedy Central’s announcement that they were going to stand by their man — nearly everyone has had a chance to weigh in, except for the man who endorsed Noah as his replacement.

The Daily Show returned from a week off on Monday night, and Jon Stewart finally had a chance to give his two cents. Unsurprisingly, he asked viewers to give Noah a chance to earn your trust and respect… or not. Just as Stewart himself earned your trust and respect… or did not.

It’s really only the least we can do to give Noah a chance to be judged for his caliber of work, and not for a handful of crappy tweets from years ago. On a serious note, Stewart had nothing but glowing things to say of his experience working with Noah and thinks it’ll be rewarding to give him that chance.

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