Jon Stewart Spoiled ‘Gone Girl’ And Explained Why Superman Owns Batman To Ben Affleck Last Night

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Say what you will about Ben Affleck — and trudge up all his past career missteps to feel better about it — but there’s no denying the energy the dude brings when he shows up on a late night show or to host SNL. There’s a consistent, genuine Jon Hamm-level of effort there that I don’t think he gets enough credit for.

Anyhoo, your new Batman and the star of Gone Girl dropped by The Daily Show to do some promoting last night, and it of course turned into two guys busting balls during a playful conversation about getting buff, copycat movies, and fake spoilers. Also Jon Stewart gave a heartfelt explanation to Batman himself why Superman is just so, so far superior.

“He lasers the sh*t out of you and then he just flies!” It’s something Affleck really needed to hear.

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