Jon Stewart Isn’t Done Raking CNN Over The Coals, In Case You Were Wondering

Last week Jon Stewart took CNN to the woodshed for, among other things, falsely reporting that an arrest had been made in the Boston bombings case, when, in fact, an arrest had not been made. For this, he termed the network the “human centipede of news.” But then the hits from CNN just kept on coming, with on-air boondoggle after on-air boondoggle, culminating in a CNN reporter commenting that the streets of Boston were so quiet that it “was if a bomb had went off.” WELL YOU DON’T SAY?!?!

Part of the problem was the network’s decision to not have an in-studio anchor presiding over most of the coverage, instead opting to run live footage of reporters on the streets. As Stewart put it last night, “while other networks used a studio anchor to keep Boston bombing coverage from going adrift, CNN instead went with a sandlot football approach.”

You have no one to blame for this but yourself, CNN.

In case you missed it earlier, Christina Hendrinks was also on the show last night. And Colbert had some fun at CNN’s expense as well, as you’ll see in the GIFs below.