Jon Stewart Stopped By ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ For A Patriotic Song And Dance

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Months after his last appearance, Jon Stewart finally made a repeat appearance to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. After months of rumors that Stewart would be joining his former partner in crime for one of Colbert’s many post-debate live shows and even more waiting during the 2016 Election’s worst moments, the former Daily Show host returned to the studio at long last to help America through the last of this awful, awful election.

No matter your political loyalties, you can agree that humor is one of the only ways many people have been getting through this months-long slog of antagonistic speeches and insults. No one provides better political relief humor than Jon Stewart, and he proved it once again in his appearance on Monday. An appearance that included not one, but two spit takes from Jon. Colbert jokingly cracked that he “forgot his snorkel” after he was drenched by the second one.


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