Jon Stewart Was Stephen Colbert’s Guest Last Night And Of Course It Turned Into An Adorable Lovefest

Jon Stewart visited The Colbert Report as a guest last night to continue his promotion of Rosewater. It’s the first time I can remember him appearing on Stephen Colbert’s show as a guest, and limited Google searches aren’t indicating anything to contradict that, so I’ll just assume that’s the case and none of you will point out otherwise.

With only twelve episodes left of The Report, this drop-in was of course less about Stewart’s new film and more about busting balls, telling inside jokes, and being unable to hide how much these two love each other. Part one gets off to a great start with Stewart mocking Colbert’s interview intro…

And from there we have some Rosewater talk that turns into an unmitigated big boy lovefest at the end.

Things are gonna get weird next month.