Please Allow Jon Stewart To Crush CNN’s Comically Dumbed Down ‘Good Thing Or Bad Thing’ Analysis

In this age of partisan news networks it’s refreshing when an outlet attempts to provide even a semblance of objective coverage (GOOD THING), except of course when that network is CNN and they’ve taken to dumbing down their opinions to such childlike levels that we are all now less informed for having paid attention (BAD THING). Last night Jon Stewart & Co. dug deep into CNN’s hard-hitting “Is this a good thing or a bad thing?” analysis technique to see just how deep-rooted the production strategy for mouth-breathers is at the Cable News Network.

You’ll be shocked to discover it’s all they know how to do. You’ll also be shocked to discover that the discovery that it’s all they know how to do is rather hilarious.

In part two we find that at least Fox News knows what they think, and that the phone-a-friend lifeline is alive and well. Also, a late guest appearance from a childhood pal.

Penny for CNN Correspondent 2014!

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