Arby’s, The ‘Hannity Of Roast Beef Sandwiches,’ Made Nice With Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart has fired round after round at targets like Bill O’Reilly, Fox News, and Donald Trump over his years as host of The Daily Show, increasingly out of frustrated obligation than anything else. But his playful hatred of Arby’s, the “Hannity of roast beef sandwiches,” has never waned. He’s mentioned the fast (“technically, it’s…”) food chain so many times, in fact, that some have accused him of product placement, or “endorsements.” But Stewart isn’t the first comedian to make fun of Arby’s, and he won’t be the last. He might be the best, though.

No hard feelings, though. Via the Wall Street Journal:

Arby’s is among the many well-known brands lining up to bid him farewell. The company bought two ads in the penultimate episode that will air Wednesday.

There’s no such thing as bad press, etc. etc. etc.

Two years ago, “everyone knew what Arby’s was but nobody really talked about Arby’s,” said Rob Lynch, chief marketing officer of Arby’s Restaurant Group Inc., which is owned by private-equity firms led by Roark Capital Group Inc. “We are back in the conversation.”

They’re back in the conversation, a conversation about “wondering what it tastes like when a cow dies” and “Arby’s, the meal that is a dare for your colon.” At least we know Stewart’s next job.

(Via WSJ)