Jon Stewart Doesn’t Get Why ‘Self-Appointed Patriots’ Have Their Panties In A Wad Over That Coke Ad

02.07.14 11 Comments

As we told you earlier this week, a bunch of “patriots” are pissed at Coca-Cola for airing a commercial during the Super Bowl in which non-white people sang “America the Beautiful” in their native tongues. My favorites were the mouth-breathers on Twitter who were yelling, “YOU SPEAK ENGLISH WHEN YOU SING OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM!”, not knowing that “America the Beautiful” is not the national anthem. Jon Stewart, for one, doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about.

“They’re singing ‘America the Beautiful’ while drinking Coca-Cola,” Stewart noted. “How much more American assimilation can they be? Maybe if they were open-carrying a gun shaped like Jesus while using a bald eagle strap-on to f*ck an apple pie?”

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