Jon Stewart Announces His Final ‘Daily Show’ Guests

Somehow, in our coverage of last night’s Daily Show, one very important fact fell through the cracks. As he was signing off, right before the Moment of Zen, Stewart reminded viewers that next week will be his final week, and revealed his guests next Monday through Wednesday to be Amy Schumer, Denis Leary, and Louis C.K.

Stewart’s producers Jen Flanz and Tim Greenberg told Entertainment Weekly on Thursday that his final show wouldn’t be following the traditional format, so we can probably expect a ton of surprise cameos from his friends and correspondents throughout the years.

He’s very emotional, I’m sure he’ll cry. No, I think the whole thing is we want to make the last week of shows really fun. The guests will be friends of his and comics. And then on the last show, it will be a really happy celebration of his 16 years here.

However, one face you won’t be seeing is Donald Trump, despite rumors to the contrary.

I would say that that is—him being invited to the last show is factually inaccurate.

Get your tissues ready. We’ve got a hell of a week coming up.