Jon Stewart Has A Bone To Pick With Jimmy Kimmel Over A 13-Year-Old’s Bar Mitzvah

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07.14.17 3 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel was just trying to help a kid celebrate his bar mitzvah on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, but Jon Stewart couldn’t let it pass without letting his frustrations out. It seems that Will Rubin’s decision to have Kimmel be the focus of his Media, Pennsylvania celebration left Stewart wondering why he didn’t get the call. He is Jewish after all and has some experience in the area, something Kimmel does not according to the former Daily Show host. This is what happens when your show was on cable and you haven’t been on television regularly for close to two years.

It’s refreshing to have a Jon Stewart segment that has nothing to do with Donald Trump for once, even if his yelling about every stupid detail that has happened in six months would be remarkable. It’s a fun appearance with some nice jabs at Kimmel and a special treat for the kid, something the show has really gone out of its way to do over the past few years. And the best part, it ends with Rubin promising to donate some of his money to the LA Children’s Hospital. The host has been a big supporter since the birth of his son required some emergency medical care, so it’s just a positive flourish to the segment.

I do wonder if Jon Stewart just travels around all of the late night shows looking for things to do from time to time. I believe he’s been on all of the former Daily Show correspondents’ shows at this point, but this could be his first outside of his familiar territory. Next he’ll be playing beer pong with Jimmy Fallon and singing Taylor Swift songs with James Corden, sliding into his new profession as roving late night guest.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live!)

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