Jon Stewart Takes Karl Rove & John McCain To The Woodshed For Complaining About The Tea Party

10.23.13 19 Comments

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The best thing about Republican party establishment types now bitching about the Tea Party ruining the GOP is that the Daily Show‘s research staff exists so Jon Stewart can go on the air to shame them for their hypocrisy.

In such, last night Stewart set his sights on Karl Rove, who recently complained that Republicans need to “stop having stupid candidates,” and John McCain, the man who unleashed Sarah Palin on the world.

About Rove: “It’s as though the entire misguided shutdown affair was a culmination of a decade-long strategy to rile up and politically engage the most rigid and ideological pockets of the Republican party. Which is why Karl Rove has no right to complain about all these radicals ruining his nice Republican party, because he’s the one who invited them…Now old Turd Blossom here has to create a super PAC to attempt to battle the stupid he himself unleashed. So, no simpatico for a guy who started a fire that now rages out of control.”

About McCain: “You opened Pandora’s Box. You were the guy who gave the Mogwai a post-midnight all-you-can-eat buffet. You don’t get to complain that now the party’s overrun with gremlins.”

Here’s part one…

Here’s part two…

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