03.10.09 9 years ago 19 Comments

Last week, Jon Stewart took CNBC to task for its unfailing failure to cover the economic meltdown with any kind of clarity or mental acuity.  Last night, in response to a complaint from Jim Cramer that one of his clips was taken out of context, Stewart went out for Round 2 (via Gunaxin).  It’s not quite as witheringly brutal as last time, but I’m definitely happy I’m not Jim Cramer this morning.

Now, the last time I wrote about “The Daily Show,” things got pretty contentious in the comments between the political left and right, with President Obama getting blamed for this and that, and threats of eye-rape.  Listen, people: we’re all in this together.  Can’t we unite in hating people who are better off than we are?  I’m not a homeowner and I’m not a banker, but still I lost loads of money that I had squirreled away in Merril Lynch.  Do you understand how devastating that is?  I was saving up for a militia!  Now I’ll have to defend myself from the government with Soviet weapons bought on the cheap.

UPDATE: Cramer went on The Today Show this morning to respond (video below). He’s pretty level-headed about it.

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