Jon Stewart Admits He Misses Jon Stewart In His Peabody Awards Speech

"The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" #JonVoyage
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This year’s election has proven one thing: We need Jon Stewart. Although he won’t return with a show of his own this year, he’s still finding the time to go back to his roots and take swings at our political establishment. You could say that Stewart is missing being on The Daily Show, but according to the speech he gave at last night’s Peabody Awards, he’s really missing himself.

Stewart, who won an award for his work on The Daily Show wasn’t without his signature wit.

“Oh. I think we all miss Jon Stewart and I think we see, I think we see from that eulogy what a wonderful man he was. I hope someday I get to meet him, because he seems like a hell of a guy.”

Stewart also mentioned that last night was his 15th wedding anniversary and every year he wanted to give his wife a “prestigious award” but instead would handwrite on a piece of paper,”Nobel prize for having married out of your religion.” Stewart left the The Daily Show last year to spend more time with his family, and mentioned his children in his Peabody Award speech. What we got from it was that they wanted to see Keanu, but he didn’t let them, because they drop a lot of F-bombs in the movie, despite Stewart doing the same around his kids.

Stewart also applauded the staff of The Daily Show as well as new host, Trevor Noah stating:

“These are the folks that made this show, all those years. And I thank you for this award, because now I get to see them and hang out and have fun, and they unfortunately still have to do it. They go back and they continue to do great work with Trevor [Noah] and continue to make a wonderful show, and a powerful show.”

Noah has massive shoes to fill. Since Stewart’s departure, The Daily Show has seen a 37 percent ratings drop and Noah is still trying to find his groove on Comedy Central while former Daily Show correspondent, Samantha Bee’s TBS show, Full Frontal With Samantha Bee has been a ratings powerhouse.

(Via: Vulture)