03.05.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

Because my penis has a pay-per-view contract, I have yet to try out Chatroulette. But it’s hard not to notice everyone else noticing it, and when everyone on the Internet starts paying attention to something, then reporters unfamiliar with the Web are sure to follow.

Which brings us to last night’s “Daily Show” (video below). Jon Stewart examined the media coverage of the Internet’s latest dong-rich phenomenon:

Chatroulette is a lot like Russian roulette, but instead of one bullet and five empty chambers, there are five cock-filled chambers and one chamber for reporters who think they’ll be breaking the latest tech trend. Only to find themselves surrounded by cock.

…and then turned to a segment in which he went on Chatroulette and encountered various dicks, as well as media heavyweights like Katie Couric, Brian Williams, and Keith Olbermann. EDIT: “…he went on Chatroulette and encountered various dicks, Katie Couric, and Brian Williams.”

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