Jon Stewart Rips Viacom For Pulling ‘The Daily Show’ From the Internet (And The Morning Links)

After a two-week hiatus, The Daily Show returned last night, and one of its first orders of business was to call out its own parent company, Viacom, for pulling the show from the Internet over its dispute with DirecTV. “What are you, China?” Perhaps in response, Viacom ultimately posted last night’s episode on the Internet. (Thank you, Jon Stewart). The video is below.

Meanwhile, DirecTV’s self-serving response: “Jon Stewart, we love you!” — (Twitter)

Another casualty: Nickelodeon’s ratings have dropped 33 percent since Viacom was pulled from DirecTV (Nickolodeon was the highest rated network on DirecTV) — (LA Times)

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Here’s the video from The Daily Show, which is online. Apologies if you still can’t see it outside of the United States. Can’t help you, there.