Jon Stewart Spanks Fox News For Essentially Cheering For Putin And Russia To Embarrass Obama And America

03.07.14 18 Comments

If you’ve tuned in to Fox News lately, you’re forgiven for confusing it for Russian state-run television, what with its regular fetishizing Vladimir Putin as a big, bad, tough, decisive leader who rides horses shirtless and slays ferocious wildlife while Obama wears “mom jeans” and rides a bicycle like a liberal fag. If only America had a leader with the hairy balls the size of Putin’s! We’d be the oppressive authoritarian regime Fox News is always claiming Obama is turning America into in the first place!

“What the hell is wrong with these people? What happened to these people as children that has enabled this love-hate relationship with authoritarian figures and the inherent cognitive dissonance that goes along with such a schism?” Stewart wondered. “By tomorrow, it’ll be, ‘Putin once smacked the teeth out of a great white shark and made it blow him, while Barack Obama just sat there, wistfully, wearing Capri pants and a baby bonnet.”

And here’s the accompanying visual, because of course…

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