‘You’re Fixing The Non-Broken Part’: Jon Stewart Finally Got Around To Mocking The New Fox News Deck

Editorial Director
10.10.13 10 Comments

The Daily Show took a break last night from lamenting America sitting on its balls during the Government Shutdown in order to lament Fox News’ latest and greatest attempt to turn their only real newsman into a full-on clown.

If you’ve been on the internet at all over the last couple days you’ve seen the bizarre image of Shepard Smith standing in front of a bunch of miniature people playing with ginormous iPads, which in some way help them track the news better. From my vantage point improved Fox News memes is the only tangible benefit thus far.

In the below “Hey Fox, I Think You’re Fixing the Non-Broken Part” segment Jon Stewart pivots from Fortress of Solitude comparisons to objective analysis of what this accomplishes to highlighting hilariously cringe-worthy clips from “The Deck” over the first few days of launch. Needs more hologram jokes but otherwise the Daily Show lambasting we’ve been waiting for.

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