Jon Stewart Helps Send Off Larry Wilmore And ‘The Nightly Show’ With Some Touching Words Of Wisdom

Larry Wilmore was having some trouble getting his staff on The Nightly Show to do any work considering it was their last day and all. Luckily Jon Stewart showed up to give some wisdom to Larry Wilmore on being canceled or being told to “get your sh*t and get out.”

Stewart doesn’t waste time trying to attack Donald Trump, Fox News, or any of the other usual suspects. Instead he opts to give Larry Wilmore some uplifting advice on being canceled. It does not mean you’ve failed, which Stewart drives home by noting how Wilmore’s show gave a voice to subjects that weren’t typically covered on television. He talks about how The Nightly Show was raw and how the people who worked on the show will have learned tools that will help them in whatever position they land into next.

It’s a touching little moment and one that actually works a lot better than what we saw on The Late Show a few weeks back. That was a throwback to the heyday of The Daily Show and this is more a mentor reaching out to a student at what is possibly his lowest moment. It’s also likely the best gift Wilmore received all week, right in front of the wine from Samantha Bee, the booze from Stephen Colbert, and the pastries Trevor Noah decided to send over from The Daily Show.

(Via The Nightly Show)