Jonah Hill Earns Some Sympathy After This Savagely Awkward French Interview

Ornella Fleury is a comedian and a new fixture on the Canal+ talk show Le Grand Journal in France. If you aren’t sure who she is, you’ll know her from here on as the woman who took Jonah Hill’s heart and tore it to pieces on national television. Hill and Miles Teller are promoting War Dogs overseas and stopped by the show on Friday for a chat, but ended up getting a bit worse from Fleury.

After bringing up his very sensual scene in This Is The End, the comedian moves on to a “fantasy” she has about Hill:

“I have a fantasy with you, Jonah. Just “fantasy” it works, so I end with this valve… It would be that it is found both in a hotel room in the evening, we talk, you make me laugh a lot and then, all of a sudden, you bring in your buddies DiCaprio and Brad Pitt and you, you leave.“

Hill replies that he was happy to have come all that way to be ridiculed by the local reporters, but it seems like he took it worse than that. According to several reports, Hill allegedly canceled the rest of his French media appearances for the movie. Some folks online also were not very happy with Fleury’s form of humor, while others defended it as a difference between nations.

This could definitely be chalked up to terms being “lost in translation,” but just taking in the reaction from the video above is enough. Yeah, Hill is an Oscar nominee and a movie star, but damn if you don’t feel bad for him in the moment. It’s a fantasy and all, he could at least stay in the room or try the room service. Something.

(Via Canal Plus)